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Consumer Watchdog Warns Bill Pre-empting State Robot Car Laws Approved by House Commerce Committee Would Leave Dangerous Regulatory Void Threatening Highway Safety

SANTA MONICA, CA -- Consumer Watchdog warned that a bill approved today by the House Commerce Committee that would pre-empt state autonomous vehicle safety regulations would leave a regulatory void without meaningful safety protections.

Amazon's Whole Foods Deal Under Scrutiny

US regulators will take more time to review Amazon's $13.7bn (£10.5bn) acquisition of Whole Foods after some groups have raised anti-trust concerns.

Democrats have asked authorities to consider how the deal might affect consumer choice, particularly in places with fewer food shopping options.
Whole Foods said in June it expected the deal to close in the second half of 2017 but it has warned investors that it could take until May 2018.
Many still expect the deal to go ahead.

FTC Looking Into Amazon Discount-Pricing Policy: Report

SAN FRANCISCO — The Federal Trade Commission is looking into allegations that Amazon's discount-pricing policies misled consumers, according to a report today.

The probe comes on the heels of a complaint by advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which examined 1,000 products on the retailer's website and concluded 61% with list prices were overpriced, Reuters said.

The FTC, which is reviewing Amazon's proposed $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods, declined comment.

Amazon Slips: FTC Investigating Allegation of ‘Deceptive Discounting,’ Says Reuters

Amazon is being scrutinized by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission over whether its discounts on goods are misleading, after a watchdog group complained, says Reuters, citing an unnamed source.

Shares of Amazon (AMZN) are down by $3.18 at $1,025.52, in late trading, after Reuters’s Diane Bartz and Jeffrey Dastin related after market close that the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is looking into allegations “Amazon misleads customers about its pricing discounts,” citing a single unnamed source.

FTC Examining Allegations That Amazon Prices Are Misleading: Report

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is investigating allegations that Amazon misleads customers about its prices and discounts, Reuters reported.

The probe comes as part of a review of the company’s proposed merger with Whole Foods

The FTC’s probe is reportedly the result of a complaint brought forth by Consumer Watchdog, an advocacy group. In the group’s analysis of 1,000 products on the website they found that 61 percent of the time, the reference or list price that Amazon used to show consumers how much money they were saving increased in a 90-day period.

Consumer Watchdog Calls for Immediate Congressional Hearings on Bipartisan Bill to Change Internet Law So Child Sex Trafficking Websites like Can Be Held Accountable

SANTA MONICA, CA – Consumer Watchdog today called on the House Commerce Committee and Judiciary Committee to hold immediate hearings on a bill amending a key Internet law so websites like that facilitate child sex trafficking can be held accountable by victims and state attorneys gen

Push For Self-Driving Car Rules Overlooks Lack Of Federal Expertise In AI Tech

A House subcommittee approved critical legislation for the fast-developing driverless car movement this week that sets specific rules for how many such vehicles can be on U.S. roads and the federal government’s role in regulating them. While it would give companies developing the technology the national framework they want, it also raises questions over who is best-suited to ensure this cutting-edge technology is safe.

FTC Probing Allegations Of Amazon's Deceptive Discounting

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - As part of its review of Amazon's (AMZN.O) agreement to buy Whole Foods (WFM.O), the Federal Trade Commission is looking into allegations that Amazon misleads customers about its pricing discounts, according to a source close to the probe.

The FTC is probing a complaint brought by the advocacy group Consumer Watchdog, which looked at some 1,000 products on Amazon's website in June and found that Amazon put reference prices, or list prices, on about 46 percent of them.

Google Aims To Personalize Mobile Search

Google wants to make its search experience on smartphones more personalized — by showing information based on users’ interests and what’s trending in their area.

The information will appear beneath the search bar on the Google app on Apple and Android devices (eventually, it will be included in Google mobile searches, not just the app). The company will pull information based on what the user searches across Gmail, Search, YouTube and other Google properties. It will also factor in what a user lists on Google calendar.