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Senate Launches Bill To Remove Immunity For Websites Hosting Illegal Content, Spurred By

The Senate on Tuesday introduced an amendment to a law that protects the hosts of websites from liability for content posted by others to go after sites such as that have been criticized for facilitating child sex trafficking.

Colorado Debuts Driverless Truck To Protect Road Crews

DENVER -- Colorado's transportation agency began using a driverless truck on Friday that is designed to protect highway work crews from oncoming traffic.

The truck is officially known as an Autonomous Impact Protection Vehicle, but it is not really autonomous like the self-driving cars being tested around the country. Instead, the truck is electronically controlled by a driver in another truck ahead of it.

If the protection vehicle loses its electronic "tether" to the lead vehicle, it is programmed to pull over and stop.

Tech Firms' Fight Against Hate Could Haunt Them

By setting itself up as a gatekeeper against racism, Silicon Valley could weaken its arguments against legislation that targets other harmful online content

The tech industry’s crackdown on racism could complicate one of its biggest fights in Congress, where Silicon Valley is lobbying hard against legislation aimed at weeding out other harmful online content.

The Amazon-Whole Foods Deal Has Received The Green Light From The FTC

The Federal Trade Commission has given Amazon the green light to proceed with its Whole Foods acquisition.
In a statement Wednesday, the FTC said it was no longer pursuing its investigation into whether the $13.7 billion deal would be anticompetitive.

"Of course, the FTC always has the ability to investigate anticompetitive conduct should such action be warranted," said Bruce Hoffman, the acting director of the FTC's Bureau of Competition.

Amazon Deal For Whole Foods Wins U.S. Regulatory, Shareholder Approvals

WASHINGTON/SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Inc (AMZN.O) on Wednesday cleared two of the biggest hurdles it needed to close its $13.7 billion acquisition of Whole Foods Market Inc (WFM.O), with approvals from a U.S. regulator and the grocery chain’s shareholders.

The U.S. Federal Trade Commission said in a statement it would not pursue its investigation into the proposed merger further after reviewing whether the deal would substantially lessen competition or constituted an unfair method of competition.

Amazon's Whole Foods Acquisition Wins Approval From The FTC, Shareholders

The agency chose not to block the deal based off speculation

Back in June, Amazon announced that it would be acquiring Whole Foods for $13.7 billion. Critics were quick to respond that the deal was a huge threat to competition in the grocery industry and that it shouldn’t receive approval from regulators.

FTC Approves Whole Foods-Amazon Merger Inc.'s takeover of Whole Foods Market Inc. cleared its biggest hurdle on Wednesday as federal regulators approved the e-commerce giant's big bet on the more than $700 billion food retail market.
The Federal Trade Commission's decision allows the companies to complete their $13.7 billion deal, including debt, and avoid a prolonged antitrust investigation.

Whole Food shareholders also cleared the deal Wednesday, the Austin, Texas-based company said. Amazon shareholders don't need to sign off on the transaction.

War Over Backpage Moves To A New Battlefield

WASHINGTON -- Big internet companies are pushing for language in a renegotiated North American Free Trade Agreement that would undercut attempts by members of Congress, including many from the St. Louis area, to curb liability protection for platforms that host the controversial online advertising site Backpage.

Until recently, the prime policy fights surrounding Backpage, which critics say runs ads for illegal sex, have been in Congress and in the states.

Op-Ed: Another View -- John M. Simpson: Closing A Loophole On Sex Trafficking

One victim of sex trafficking began her ordeal when she was 15. She was sold through website for sex to men across Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Maine. She was raped more than 600 times over the course of four months.

Another victim was sex trafficked through Backpage for three years starting when she was 14 years old in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Over those three years, she was raped thousands of times.