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Not Dreamin’: California Paves Way for Driverless Cars in 2018

California has inched one step closer to permitting the testing of fully driverless vehicles on its public roads, a development that could come as soon as 2018. Officials with the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles have unveiled long-awaited revisions of proposed regulations that pave the way for further testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles in the state, including those that no longer have human drivers.

Totally Driverless Cars Could Be Allowed On California Roads By June 2018

Driverless cars — with nobody behind the wheel — could be on California roads and highways by June 2018.That doesn’t mean you’ll be able to buy a completely driverless car next year, or even hail a ride in one. The technology is still being developed. The driverless cars that may begin appearing next year will be test vehicles. They’ll be allowed to pick up passengers, but only if the passengers don’t have to pay.

Consumer Group Blasts Brown Over Newhall Ranch Project

The organization Consumer Watchdog has issued a statement asking if Gov. Jerry Brown should sign a bill that would benefit the Newhall Ranch project in Santa Clarita since Brown’s sister sits on the development company’s board.

The legislation in question is Senate Bill 634, which would consolidate several water districts in the Santa Clarita Valley. According to Consumer Watchdog, the bill would ensure that Five Point Holdings’ Newhall Ranch project would have “plentiful access to water in a thirsty desert.”

Why Hasn’t Kamala Harris Signed On To Anti-Sex Trafficking Legislation In The Senate?

Washington -- California Sen. Kamala Harris’s name came up multiple times at a Senate hearing last month on child sex trafficking legislation, an acknowledgement of her long record fighting the crime.

But Harris’ name does not appear – at least not yet – as a co-sponsor of the trafficking legislation in question, which targets, a web site for classified ads that Harris once labeled “an online brothel.” Activists blame the rise of internet advertising and Backpage, specifically, for an 846 percent spike in reports of suspected sex trafficking since 2010.

Yahoo Says All 3 Billion Of Its Accounts Were Hacked In 2013

Yahoo said Tuesday that the number of accounts impacted by a massive security breach in 2013 was three times larger than it had originally announced — meaning all accounts were affected.

Roughly 3 billion accounts were breached, the company now says, up from its earlier estimate of more than 1 billion.

Consumer Groups: 'AV START' Act Exempts Autonomous Vehicles From Too Many Safety Regulations

Last week, a bill focusing on autonomous vehicles called the American Vision for Safer Transportation Through Advancement of Revolutionary Technologies (AV START) Act was introduced in the U.S. Senate and is expected to be merged with the SELF-DRIVE Act, which is a similar bill that passed the U.S. House earlier this month. Consumer advocates worry that these bills remove too many safety regulations that could leave consumers at risk as self-driving cars take the roads.

Consumer Watchdog: Autonomous Vehicle Bill Would Create ‘Wild West’ Without Safety Protections

A U.S. Senate bill aiming to pave the way for the development of driverless vehicles is a threat to highway safety, the group Consumer Watchdog asserted.

The bill, introduced by Sens. John Thune and Gary Peters, “follows the dangerous route chosen by the House of Representatives when it rushed to pass a bill that threatens highway safety and leaves a regulatory void rather than enacting necessary protections and safety standards,” Consumer Watchdog said in a news release.