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Gas Injections Resume At Aliso Canyon More Than 20 Months After Massive Leak

Despite concerns raised by residents and Los Angeles County leaders, Southern California Gas Co. said Monday it is restarting natural gas injections at Aliso Canyon wells and that the company has completed all safety measures to do so.

Throughout Monday the company issued mixed messages about when injections resumed. But a letter sent to Porter Ranch residents Monday made it clear, confirming that SoCalGas had “started the process to resume limited injection operations.”

Consumer Advocate: DWP Is Rife With Conflicts Of Interest

A consumer advocate says it’s time to shed some light on the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power’s screwy spending priorities.  DWP customers have borne the brunt of under investment in infrastructure, what with two recent power outages in the middle of a heat wave.  Consumer Watchdog President Jaime Court says there’s self-dealing by the powers that be.

”I don’t think they’re criminal. I do think there are a lot of very, very smelly situations that involve the taking of rate payer and tax payer money and the infrastructure of the city falling apart.”