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Dirty Money

Dirty Money

Consumer Watchdog fights to make your voice heard by calling out dirty politicians and attacking the influence of the special interests that keep them in power. From Sacramento to Washington D.C., we follow the money trail from special interests to policymakers and track bad public policy back from politicians to their donors. Our web site is dedicated to pulling the curtain back on corruption in California's state capitol.  Our LA Watchdog project is now keeping watch on corruption in the City of Los Angeles's Department of Water & Power, Mayor's Office and City Council. 

Metropolitan Water District Approves Delta Tunnels Funding

Just after Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti announced his opposition to the current Delta Tunnels project today, the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California Board voted to fund the controversial California WaterFix. 

The board voted 28 to 6 in favor of the project, with two board members abstaining. You can view the vote tally here:…

Consumer Watchdog Throws Shade On Gov. Jerry Brown’s Support Of Newhall Ranch

The governor’s sister, Kathleen Brown, sits on the developer’s board

It’s a family affair — and some are up in arms about it.

Nonprofit organization Consumer Watchdog issued a public statement on Oct. 6, asking Gov. Jerry Brown to remove his support from the controversial Newhall Ranch project in Santa Clarita, claiming there could be a conflict of interest issue, the Los Angeles Business Journal reported.

Support From Giant Water District Boosts Chances of Bay Delta Tunnels

SACRAMENTO (CN) — The country’s largest water district on Tuesday cemented support for Governor Jerry Brown’s contentious Bay Delta water project, agreeing to pay an estimated $4.3 billion, primarily through rate hikes on millions of Southern Californians.

The Metropolitan Water District’s decision to fund up to 25.9 percent of the $17 billion California WaterFix, which would divert water from the West Coast’s largest estuary through two 40-foot-wide 35-mile-long tunnels, comes as a boost to a project beset by environmental and financial uncertainties.

Consumer Group Blasts Brown Over Newhall Ranch Project

The organization Consumer Watchdog has issued a statement asking if Gov. Jerry Brown should sign a bill that would benefit the Newhall Ranch project in Santa Clarita since Brown’s sister sits on the development company’s board.

The legislation in question is Senate Bill 634, which would consolidate several water districts in the Santa Clarita Valley. According to Consumer Watchdog, the bill would ensure that Five Point Holdings’ Newhall Ranch project would have “plentiful access to water in a thirsty desert.”